I feel special…

6 missed calls. I answered the 7th…”Come out of your house!”, she said


IMG_20130606_010903 IMG_20130606_010917

What a great surprise, indeed! I didn’t expect it! I was shocked at first! I was like “How did you know my address?” thinking only my high school friends knew my house! Well, they have ways… In the middle of the oh so silent night, where everyone is asleep, including my cousins, my parents, our neighbors, I have to open our locked gate to welcome them in in our messy house hehe. Because of the new faces, our dog barked unnecessarily which might have awoken the whole village.

They were 4. 2 college classmates and 2 other friends I’ve come to know during our practicum or summer on-the-job training. They were holding balloons and 2 boxes filled with red velvet cupcakes. I was touched. Never in my life has anyone greeted me at the tick of midnight (except for my family of course) right at our doorsteps. They also called up more friends to greet me. That was just the sweetest! Another thing! They even made a video for me with messages from friends and classmates. That’s what you call effort!

To my friends, thank you so much! Never will I forget my 21st birthday!

CL – Nappeun Gizibe ICONS and GIFS

Lee Chaerin aka CL has finally dropped her very first solo single titled 나쁜 기집애 (Nappeun Gizibe) or ‘The Baddest Female’. Along with the track, she has also released a music video. Here are edits and gifs I made from the MV…




you can visit my edits tumblr blog noonnieee (now do the noonnieee hey! ^_^)

Goodbye May! Hello June!

Clock has just strike 12. Its already June 1!

Another month has passed and we are already approaching ‘halftime’! keke. Gosh! 2013 is almost half finished! I feel like the earth has unusually revolved around the sun tooooooo fast! I’m growing old toooooo fast. Am I that paranoid to add another year to my age?! I sometimes tell myself that I amm still turning 2NE1 (21). That’s not too old! But still…..yeah! I AM PARANOID FOR NOTHING REALLY! LMAO.

What’s to anticipate about this month aside from my birthday kekeke? As I said from my previous posts, I am finally entering my 5th year in college. YES I AM FINALLY ON MY GRADUATING YEAR! All the tears and sweat I’ve poured out, skills and knowledge I’ve gained will be put to test! And all I can say is ‘Good luck to me and hwaiting!!!”. Aigooooo…

Whatever June or the coming months has/have in store for me and for you, lets do what is right and what is more. Never have regrets. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be bold and grab all the opportunities that await you. ^_^

How Did My KPop Journey Started?


Hmmm… When did it start? How did I get into it? Who influenced me in becoming a kpopper?

To tell you the truth, I was not really interested in kpop 4, 5 years ago. Yes, I often watch Asian dramas, mostly, Korean at that, however, that hobby never really pushed me to know further about Korea’s entertainment industry. I was so indifferent and oblivious whenever my classmates chat about Super Junior, SS501 and DBSK. Mind you, I even thought they were crazy cause they were spazzing and arguing who’s prettier among the male idols who, back then, all look the same to me. And honestly, I perceived some of them were gays (OMG. *hides* don’t stab me keke and let’s not name names here lol). Now, its a complete turn around.

So how come I am here in the KPop world? One name. Dara. Better known as Sandara Park, Ang Pambansang Krung Krung ng Pilipinas (Philippines’ National Crazy Girl). I am from the Philippines and I could say Dara’s popularity is undeniable. You could still ask someone today of who she is and I tell you’ll get an immediate response. She truly captured the hearts of every Filipino in all parts of the archipelago, young and old of all genders, and that including me.

One day, I heard that Sandara became part of a Korean group, 2NE1. I immediately looked them up on the internet and BOOM I have come to love everything about them— every member’s personalities, strengths and weaknesses, their music, their fashion, their friendship, their passion for their craft, everything. Because of 2NE1, I was introduced to Big Bang and the rest of YGE, from the artists, dancers to the staff. Then to bigger world of KPOP and Korea, and the rest they say is history.

New Layout. New Chapter.


Yes. I am finally back from my hiatus! OJT is done and will be entering 5th year in less than 2 weeks. Gosh! I’m anxious!

More than anything else, I would like to welcome you to the new look of JayBeanStalk! It’s almost a 24-hour makeover. Blame it on me for being so picky and indecisive hehe. Nonetheless, I enjoyed editing and designing the site, considering the limited resources and knowledge I have. Hope you like the new layout and come by more often as I begin a new chapter in my blogging journey.

A new chapter — an active blogger! ^_^

Lee Hayi this March


I am so anticipating Lee Hayi’s (or Hi whichever you prefer) comeback. And she is coming back with an album with 9 new songs (excluding 1,2,3,4). This album is even more special because a lot of people in YG have contributed to it. To name a few, there are Tablo, Teddy, Lydia Paek, Choice 37 and even Jennie Kim, a member of YG’s new girl group, is featuring in one of her tracks, Special. I am so excited for this!

She is a breath of fresh air and I am glad that YGE signed up such a wonderful and amazing talent.

Here’s the intro track from her new album.

First 5 songs will be released on March 7 and the other 5 will be on March 21. Cannot wait!

What keeps me busy nowadays?

Well… hmmm… SCHOOL IS TRYING TO KILL ME RIGHT NOW!!! I am not yet on my graduating year yet I am already experiencing all these pressures! Teachers had been unusually demanding and torturing! 😦 I have never felt this stressed ever in my life. It has been an exhausting semester especially now that it is almost over. Yes, we will be ending more or less 2 weeks from now but the tasks and requirements are pouring in generously… Like should I be thankful of all of these..?? Its been ridiculously tiring. I am getting more random each day as a result. I am being unusually loud and weird, talking almost nonsense sometimes. Its disturbing…

2013 will actually be a busy year for me as college student. I will be on a On-the-Job Training this summer and will be entering my 5th year on June. Hopefully!. I am freaking nervous and excited at the same for these opportunities to happen. I hope I won’t be overwhelmed and be able to appreciate and learn from all of these. So help me God. Amen. Good luck to me! ^_^

2NE1 teased with I LOVE YOU!!!

WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! I can’t just let this spazzing moment pass! 2NE1 dropped an audio teaser of their comeback song titled “I Love You” via SBS Inkigayo. You can hear Bom singing the chorus with lyrics ” I love you every day! don’t get away! take me away! I love you every day in every way…”(see the full lyrics and translation of the teaser here) . Who would expect the girls to release a fun, pop and softer song! Definitely not the usual fierce and the i-dont-care-go-away-i-hate-you kind of song! Totally a song fit for summer, a song that will make you stand up and dance!!! I FREAKIN CAN’T WAIT!!! 4 DAYS TO GO AND MY QUEENS WILL BE BACK!!!
Anyways, here is the video teaser: